Board of Directors

The board of directors are responsible for the stewardship of the Madison Turners organization. The board generally meets monthly, with some exceptions, and all members are welcome to attend the meetings. Board members are elected annually at the January meeting by the members present at the meeting.

Current Term: February 2017 through January 2018

Member Position
Paul Wertsch President
Dick Blatter Vice President
Ed Hanson Treasurer
Joe Johnson Secretary
Mike Jolly Membership Chair
Gunther Ruch Trustee (Through 2018)
Maureen Beilke Trustee (Through 2017)
Cary Pierce Member at Large
Rod Wilde Member at Large
Dan Ritsche Member at Large
Rodger Williams Member at Large
Brennan Porter Member at Large

Thank you to everyone who has served and those who continue to serve Madison Turners.

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