Club Philosophy

We believe that the sport of gymnastics helps build self confidence and discipline in all areas of life. Regardless of age or skill level, gymnastics improves flexibility, strength, balance, encourages goal setting, achievement, and develops self-esteem. It is the goal of Turners to promote these valuable qualities in our gymnasts.

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to the sport of gymnastics, Directed by our staff, our main goal is to promote youth achievement in athletics. From preschool, to boys and girls recreational gymnastics, recreational trampoline and competitive team, we offer a variety of programs to suit all ages and ability levels.

Our Response to COVID-19:

During the time we have been closed, we took apart the gymnastics spring floor for cleaning and maintenance, continued the regular cleaning and sanitization of the facility and only allowed a small number of staff in the building.

We have two cleaning and sanitizing days scheduled with all staff on top of regular cleaning to fully prepare the gym for re-opening.

While 25% capacity in the gymnastics area would allow for over 80 people and much more with use of the other areas, to give some perspective, we have less than 60 during our busiest days of the year. Starting back up, we will have about 20-40 students depending on the day in the gym/other areas between team and recreational classes.

Below is a list of guidelines we have in place for the first 2-4 weeks minimum with updates made as necessary to increase or decrease certain measures.

Clink the below link for Turners Gymnastics Safety Standards:

Turners Guidelines 5.29


Summer 9 Week Session

(June 15th – August 15th)

Registration is on-going, we prorate for late starts.

Gymnastic Sessions

We offer four sessions per year, Fall, Winter, and Spring sessions are 12 weeks. Summer session is 9 weeks.

Picture of young female gymnasts in our beginner class tumbling

Gymnastics Contact - We're having technical issues with the website contact form. Please email directly to GYMNASTICS@MADISONTURNERS.COM or call us at (608)-222-4922

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